Workation please!

Back home there are restrictions in place to keep Covid from spreading. We are doing our part. Not by staying inside, slowly going nuts, but by leaving the country for the foreseeable future. I suggest you do the same.

Workation please!

Like each and everyone of you: I got seriously fed up with sticking to the Covid measures. And we kept to them strictly. Groceries by ourselves, not inviting more people over than allowed and working at home. Permanently.

Again, like for everyone, this too had some implications on my life. I started a new innovation coaching assignment with an English team I only knew remote. And I can tell you, coaching remotely is a challenge. I cancelled my holiday for the Christmas period that we planned. I celebrated Christmas with a total of four, and new year's with one friend. Earlier I already cancelled my wedding - which was a big financial, but even bigger emotional setback - and upon returning from my sister in Barcelona I stuck to the require quarantine of ten days. No questions asked.

Tanzania honeymoon

But then there was the honeymoon to Tanzania we planned in February 2020 for February 2021. Flights, resorts and safaris all arranged for. It got us to think. What if we can change the flights for that trip? Find ourselves a place to stay at and do a multiple month visit, rather than 3 weeks? Our country happy as we are no longer a risk, Tanzania happy, because they value economy more than health and my wife and I happy, as we get to skip winter.

Sunset drinks at Simba Farm lodge

We found ourselves a place through Dianthe's colleague at Better Places. 2 acres, swimming pool, huge veranda and in the middle of only birds, monkeys and picture perfect nature. And quietness and nothingness. Perfect.

Don't get me wrong, we're still serious about Covid. We are not looking to party or do things that increase the likelihood of infection. Being in the midst of nature, 27 celsius degrees and with a swimming pool in the backyard, "just" makes that way easier to do.

And so here we are.

Walking safari in Arusha National Park

Once we return home - whenever that is - we will again stick to all the rules. We'll take a PCR test, a speed test, go into quarantine. Whatever it takes. But living here where we do now, has helped our mental health. It also shows us that you can travel responsibly. Making it especially frustrating that somehow all countries around the world cannot be travelled to because of negative travel advice. Because I highly recommend what we're doing now, to anyone. Nothing shameful about it, just a constructive way to help achieve the same results as the ones aimed for with restrictions that have been one-sided-ly enforced upon us back home.