We're living in the selfish West

People wonder about the way of coping with Covid19 in African countries (like Tanzania). But if you really think about it, doesn't the policies in place today make total sense? To them?

We're living in the selfish West

You may have read it, I am in Tanzania right now. Yes, that country - or at least it's president - that sort of denies Covid. Where if you drink a ginger-lime cocktail and go to church on Sunday, you'll be fine. I do have an opinion about that, but that's neither here nor there. But if you think of the policy, you can't deny it kind of makes sense for a country like Tanzania. Here's why.

A Tanzanian mindset

In Tanzania the average age is 18.2, less than 7% of the population is older than 55 years old (link). In Tanzania all people live outside. A house is just for sleeping. Here, they warn you upon arrival at the airport for Ebola, Aids, Zika, Malaria. Oh and yes, now also Covid19. Famine due to changing weather happens here. Just yesterday I spoke to a coffee farmer who this year yielded 900kg of coffee, while before it was 2 tons. The country has little economic reserves, GNI was 1080 USD in 2019, but is expected to drop due to tourism halting (link). Community is everything (and social security is not). Whether Miru or Maasai tribe, family is key, elders are to be respected and the young take care of the old.

Now did you read the vaccines bought per capita in the world? It's painful. Read the details here. And Canada, really, shame on you.

Via Nature.com. 30 November 2020.

So? What would you do?

Now if you look at the above, ask yourself: what would you do as a 18-year old? Go in lockdown, stay away from family and wait for a vaccine to arrive in, let's say 3 to 5 years? Or as an "older" person (~50 years), forbid your kids to come by and hope for the best?

I agree, the way the Tanzanian government is wording it seems off. Actively promoting tourism, even though tourism is the #1 income generator for the country, isn't ideal. But understandable. That is why the policy of Tanzania how to cope with this virus, makes sense to me. Yes, ideally we'd all wear face masks all the time and refrain from 1.000 people funerals, but then again, in the mindset of a local: if you can't live your daily life, you don't live at all.