Looking forward: GoodMeetings.io

Data collected on meetings via Rate My Meeting has learned me a lot about meeting frustrations. So I'm giving that some thought to maybe start doing more. GoodMeetings.io is born!

Looking forward: GoodMeetings.io

I believe in data. I believe in data-driven innovation. I like programming to scratch itches. With this in mind I started Rate My Meeting (RMM) in November 2019. With it I participated in the Antler accelerator and dove deep into the start-up world.

By now RMM users have provided me with 10.000+ meeting data points. They asked for feedback, and got it. On average a single meeting gets four ratings. Outliers get - fun! - 40+ ratings on a single meeting. Data is actionable for the meeting organizer, but at least equally interesting for me to do a meta-analysis on. The biggest struggle for meeting attendees? No next steps. Sure, logistics are a pain. Sure, an agenda would have helped structure the meeting. But walking away after a one hour meeting without a sense of accomplishment and concrete way forward? Painful!

It got me to think. I still strongly believe data is the entry to doing better. Unlike many other tools out there I feel diagnosis comes before an attempt to fix.

Yet, also here the Pareto principle seems to hold. So I've gone to the drawing board to sketch GoodMeetings.io. With RMM's infrastructure in place and targeting a similar target audience, it feels like there is something to be explored.

I'll keep you posted if you sign-up at the GoodMeetings.io landing page. And as always, happy to hear your thoughts, ideas and feedback.

Happy 2021!