Have you ever been in one of those meetings which feels as though it could have happened without you, or one where you felt you didn't get the opportunity to contribute much?

It’s time to say goodbye to such frivolous meetings wherein you don’t get the opportunity to contribute anything meaningful. Rate My Meeting brings to you the proven power of ratings in your work life.

This post is #3 in a series I am writing on “Tips for successful remote meetings”, brought to you by Rate My Meeting. We use a "Remote" theme to measure your skills for successful meetings via online tools like Zoom, Skype and teleconferencing as it is not only about connecting and interacting in remote meetings but also about using the technology and making people feel part of a team.  Earlier we discussed how COVID-19 can act as an icebreaker and how to have a smooth online meeting. Let’s have a look at the 3rd element Rate My Meeting uses to improve remote meetings: Opportunity to Contribute.

Rate My Meeting collects anonymous feedback to improve your meeting skills

Rate My Meeting helps you by collecting honest and open feedback from all the participants right after the meeting to see how well you did and where you can improve. Direct, anonymous and precise input from all the participants is the best way forward towards mutually beneficial online meetings. An important purpose of meetings is to collect all participants' input and we specifically focus on that area through our comprehensive questionnaire.We also encourage and support introvert participants to contribute constructively in the remote meetings. We ensure that everybody is getting ample opportunities to speak and talking time is uniformly distributed for all the participants.

Tips for successful remote meetings: How to Be a Productive Participant
Photo by Nicate Lee / Unsplash

Here are five tips to contribute actively in remote meetings:

1) Give attention to get attention- When you are not speaking, do your best to remain an active listener. Ask your queries and share your doubts if you have any to ensure you’re still on the same page.

2)Give participants time to speak-  If you are leading a meeting, make sure that everyone gets equal opportunities to speak and express themselves.

3) Prior Preparation- If your role is as a listener, then come prepared with some key questions which are relevant in the context of the meeting.

4) Take Notes- To stay active and focused in the meeting, take regular notes. The notes help in retaining information and can act as a short summary of the meeting.

5) Remain an active listener- If you are not getting an opportunity to speak, keep listening attentively and speak whenever you feel you can contribute something.

So next time you are in one of those meetings which feels it can happen without you, or one where you feel you don't get the opportunity to contribute much, don't forget you can be a much more productive participant using these 5 tips.

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