Most of us are having a tough time adjusting to the COVID-19 crisis as we are facing challenges in this new way of working and probably lack proper infrastructure to work effectively.

This post is #1 in a series I am writing on “Tips for successful remote meetings”, brought to you by Rate My Meeting.

We at Rate My Meeting use a "Remote" theme to measure your skills for successful meetings via online tools like Zoom, Skype and teleconferencing as it is not only about connecting and interacting in remote meetings but also about using the technology and making people feel part of a team. Let’s have a look at the 6 elements Rate My Meeting uses to improve remote meetings, and dive into the first one right away: ice breakers.

What are icebreakers?

Icebreaker questions are thought-provoking questions you can use to encourage people to talk and get to know them better. These questions can be used in most situations where fun, light-hearted conversation is needed to lighten the mood and encourage real bonding. Icebreakers are a great way to break down barriers between team members to create a more open and interactive environment. They are also a fantastic tool to drive engagement, create a sense of belongingness in your team, and make remote meetings more effective overall.

How COVID-19 can act as an icebreaker for remote meetings

We were in the 44th teaching building of Tianjin University.
I took this graduation photo for my seniors.
This is my first shoot in my photography career.
Thanks a lot for the opportunity my seniors afford to me.
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During this time of disruption and fear, it is more important than ever to reserve build-in time for a round of check-ins to let people share how they are doing.  Whether it is a team meeting, external meeting, or meeting where people are coming together for the first time, group check-ins or icebreakers allow us to become more connected as humans. They help us move on from distractions and focus on the meeting at hand.  In these times when most of us are following social distancing, feelings of isolation and loneliness can creep in. Now more than ever we need to feel a sense of human connection.  In the past, people have turned a blind eye to using icebreakers or check-ins. However,now is the time to start remote meetings with this and Corona in mind: make time available right at the start of the meeting to connect the team, and discuss COVID-19 sufficiently.

Successful remote meetings consist of many elements

As introduced, successful remote meetings consist of more than a Skype link, or a check-in only for that matter. Spend time with your team on the current crisis, and use it also to connect together. And there is more: from using the right technology to close collaboration. More of that in the next posts on this topic.

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