6 suggestions to ensure the well-being of your remote members

While a remote meeting offers great opportunities to discuss work, share knowledge and move forward, attending online meetings day in and day out while also managing the pressure can take a toll on your mental well-being. It becomes the ideal hunting ground for stress, depression and anxiety.

Well-being is a sustainable state of feeling good and functioning well i.e. the individual realizes their own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to their community. Well-being unleashes the energy in people to drive sustainable performances.

While a remote meeting offers great opportunities to discuss work, share knowledge and move forward, it can also turn into a pressure environment for some members. Attending online meetings day in and day out while also managing the pressure to perform on a high level can take a toll on your physical and mental well-being. It becomes the ideal hunting ground for stress, depression and anxiety.

Mental and physical well-being is vital for every individual to stay focused on work. That’s why—in a time of social distancing—it’s more important than ever before to connect meaningfully in online meetings. Meaningful connection is an interaction in which one feels accepted, understood, and supported. We feel a sense of belonging. A meaningful connection is a “human moment” that everyone longs for.

This post is #5 in a series I am writing on “Tips for successful remote meetings”, brought to you by Rate My Meeting. We use a "Remote" theme to measure your skills for successful meetings via online tools like Zoom, Skype and teleconferencing as it is not only about connecting and interacting in remote meetings but also about using the technology and making people feel part of a team.  Earlier we discussed how COVID-19 can act as an icebreaker,  how to have a smooth online meeting , how to be a productive participant and how to make remote employees feel more connected. Let’s have a look at the 5th element Rate My Meeting uses to improve remote meetings: We checked-in on our personal well being.

Rate My Meeting collects anonymous feedback to improve your meeting skills

Rate My Meeting helps businesses and individuals by collecting honest and open feedback from all the participants right after the meeting and generates insights to see how well you did and where you can improve. Direct, anonymous and precise input from all the participants is the best way forward towards mutually beneficial online meetings.  Remote Meetings contribute to team bonding when all participants feel valued and involved. We help managers in creating a sense of belonging for the employees and make sure that everyone feels involved. Ensuring the well-being of your employees is our primary task and through our comprehensive questionnaire, individuals can express themselves freely while staying anonymous.

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Here are 6 suggestions to ensure the well-being of your remote members:

1) Make it Personal

Devote time to make your session personal. Talk often with your employees about their feelings, families, worries, and concerns. Making it personal can be fun. You get to know more about your employees, their hobbies, their aspirations and dreams.

2) Learn Something New

Learning something new is a productive and positive experience which is necessary to maintain the freshness of mind. Learning together is a collective human moment. During remote meetings, encourage your teammates to share their knowledge and experience with everyone . Learning something new together can be interesting and fun at the same time.

3) Focus on Personal Development

Employees, especially the younger ones crave progress in their corporate careers and they also expect personality development from the roles they play for their companies. They need to feel like they are on a path that leads them somewhere.

4) Let employees set their own goals and work strategies

Pre-set goals motivate employees to do their best work. But employees might feel more motivated at work if you let them set some of their own goals. There comes a sense of duty and obligation when you set your own goals and strategies.

5) Encourage Employees to Develop Friendships

Building friendships is one of the most fulfilling aspects of our lives and one of the best wellness strategies. Fostering workplace friendships can increase the productivity of employees during online meetings considerably. Some progressive companies urge employees play team games like Fortnite and Pubg to develop team spirit.

6.) Urge Sick Employees to rest

As a leader, it’s your responsibility to communicate to your team that getting sick is not a sign of weakness and that it’s okay to take a day or two to fully recover. Especially in the work from home scenario, employees feel reluctant to take leaves and continue to work even if they are sick. This has an adverse effect on their health.

Rate My Meeting allows you to ensure the well-being of your team so that individuals can work on a high level regularly. Learning how participants feel personally helps to understand their mindset and thought process. If personal issues withhold people of being successful, give opportunity for informal connections after the meeting. Keep it focused and short. Follow up on serious issues one-on-one, after the meeting.

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