Readers, welcome back! As I talked about how I will be introducing you to the online meeting fundamentals we follow at Rate My Meeting, in the first post, I talked about how Jargon is avoided. Then, about the importance of Tone and Volume, in the third I talked about how we, at Rate My Meeting are Empathetic towards all attendees, and in the fourth I talked about the necessity of Active Listening. In the fifth I talked about how clarity is a necessary tool, and today, I'm back today with the final 6th installment from the total 6 Fundamentals. So let's get to it!


Communication technology has completely changed the way we connect with people to conduct business. It has opened global markets and fostered the use of geographically dispersed teams – including multiple site organizations and remote or home working.

Importance of Body Language

Many of us are communicating much more often in virtual meetings. To communicate effectively in a virtual meeting, body language matters. Vocal tone, eye contact and appropriate gestures all increase our ability to connect with clients or colleagues, build or reinforce trust, and communicate most effectively.

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3 Elements of Body Language

1) Eye Contact

We need to actively make eye contact. Balance looking at the faces of others with looking into the camera lens (so that others can see your eyes). This is counter-intuitive and might take practice because looking at the camera usually requires looking away from the faces of those in the meeting.

2) Receptive Actions

Nod your head to show that you hear and receive the implied message without uttering words and disturb the others. Remember to smile into the camera and make sure that your smile reaches your eyes

3) Body Posture

When you see yourself on screen, you shouldn’t be able to tell if you are sitting or standing. For good seated posture, ground yourself by placing your feet flat on the floor, sitting well-anchored in your chair, closer to the edge of the seat, not leaning on the desk or back in the chair. Arms and hands must be used to strengthen the use of words which helps in demonstrating a healthy confidence. *beware Never to cross your arms as it depicts a very closed stance.

At Rate My Meeting, we provide you the opportunity to receive the well-deserved feedback from the team attendees, which ensures that any discrepancy caused during the meeting is known to other attendees and for future, it shall be improved.

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