This week, I will introduce to you the fundamentals of online meetings. Sounds boring? Not if you think of the details needed for it. Let’s have a look at the six fundamentals we use at Rate My Meeting, and then discuss one fundamental every day. So lets begin the topic for today, which is:

Staying Free Of Jargon!

Y'all must be wondering what does 'Jargon' means? Let me break it down for you. It refers to any abbreviations, signs, or words that are alien to an outsider or the person who is new to the table. In simpler words, it can be called as an 'inside language'. We at Rate My Meeting make sure that during meetings, none of the attendees are kept out of loop due to the use of jargon and that if it is being used, proper meanings are being defined side by side.

Why Jargon Is Never Good

Usually talking in Jargon is considered offensive and even disrespectful. One surely does not want to create a bad image among their colleagues, or give them the feeling discussions are not transparent.

6 Online Meeting Fundamentals - #1: Jargon-e or Not?
Photo by Nick Fewings / Unsplash

More Online Meeting Fundamentals

The fundamentals of meetings don't stop here. Stay tuned for my next post where I will be talking about the next features of Online Meetings Fundamentals.

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