6 Online Leadership Skills #2: Methods to Capture meeting Achievements

When you leave it up to every individual to rely on their memories, you will inevitably spend time combatting problems which can easily be resolved while following these 4 simple steps.

Ever wondered how you can easily establish and further polish you leadership skills via online meetings? Let me introduce you today to the 6 Leadership Skills to guide you in Online Meetings. Sounds boring? Not if you think of the details needed for it. Let’s have a look at the six Leadership Skills we use at Rate My Meeting, and then discuss each skill in detail, one at a time. So lets begin:

Six Leadership Skills for successful online meetings

It all starts with clear meeting objectives or agendas, because doing this provides you and the participants the ultimate clarity, on the second place we consider the element where objects are achieved, third we focus on demonstrating and making sure that the next steps are clear. On fourth, we have the element of transparent decision making, which has clear documented ideas shared with everyone, on fifth we consider having a straight-forward communication with everyone involved, and last but not the least, we consider giving advice on the next steps, assigning definite roles and duties that are appropriate.

We continue today's post with: methods to capture meeting achievements.

Methods to capture meeting achievements

When you leave it up to every individual to rely on their memories, you will inevitably spend time combating problems which can easily be resolved while following these four simple steps.

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1) Assign someone to type notes for every meeting

As you may have read that it's better to take notes on paper, which is true for college students attending lectures. Research shows paper note-making helps individuals remember complex topics better. Typed notes are also easier to present on screen. You want others in the meeting to see these notes because, while the note taker types, the whole group should take responsibility for making sure what they type accurately reflects the discussion.

2) Capture the key details only

Useful notes make it fast and easy to see the value created in that meeting. You want notes you can scan, task lists you can check off, and insights that leap out at anyone who reads the notes later. Keep focus.

3) Publish those notes where people can find them

Your email inbox doesn't count. You want meeting notes to live somewhere accessible to your whole team, including people who didn't attend the meeting. This way, your teams will stop rehashing conversations and failing to follow through on promises they've forgotten, increasing momentum in every part of your business.

4) Gather Session Feedback

Especially if your group will meet regularly, ask attendees for feedback on the session and if the notes were concise and helpful enough while it’s still fresh in their minds.

Follow up for further advice if needed. Here at Rate My Meeting we help you take care of all these issues by providing accurate feedback after every scheduled online meeting!

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