Ever wondered how you can easily establish and further polish you leadership skills via online meetings? Let me introduce you today to the 6 Leadership Skills to guide you in Online Meetings. Sounds boring? Not if you think of the details needed for it. Let’s have a look at the six Leadership Skills we use at Rate My Meeting, and then discuss each skill in detail, one at a time. So lets begin:

Six Leadership Skills for successful online meetings

It all starts with clear meeting objectives or agendas, because doing this provides you and the participants the ultimate clarity. On the second place we consider the element where objects are achieved. Thirdly we focus on demonstrating and making sure that the next steps are clear. On fourth, we have the element of transparent decision making, which has clear documented ideas shared with everyone, and then on fifth we consider having a straight-forward communication with everyone involved. Last but not the least, we consider giving advice on the next steps, assigning definite roles and duties that are appropriate.

Let's have a look at the first leadership skill:

How to master clear meeting objectives

By definition, a virtual meeting is a meeting that’s conducted online using audio and/or video to connect people who are working from different places. Also known as a remote meeting, these allow individuals and teams to collaborate, share, and communicate in real time regardless of where they’re located, thus allowing for greater flexibility for everyone involved.

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Rule number one of any productive meeting is that it has a clear purpose. Make sure everyone in attendance at your virtual meeting knows what the objective is before the meeting starts and understands what needs addressed and accomplished during your time together.

A meeting with a vague purpose often leads to confusion and a lot of wasted time. To make things easy for everyone, prepare a clear meeting agenda with all the key issues to be discussed in the meeting and sort them according to your business needs. You can also mention clearly what role you expect from each participant in the meeting. Send this agenda at least 24 hours before the meeting to ensure everyone gets enough time to prepare for the meeting.

How to Master clear Meeting Objectives

How to make it interactive, and how you get those quiet few to speak up and participate, try working in a few engaging activities:

Ice breakers and catch-up session

Give each person three to five minutes at the start of the meeting to answer an icebreaker question or share an update on what they’re working on so everyone is caught up on what their teammates are working on.

Call on attendees who haven’t contributed yet:

Make note of who hasn’t spoken up during your virtual meeting and make sure to call on them so their voices are heard as part of the group conversation. (Some people just need a little extra nudge!)

Ask for real-time feedback

Engage your meeting attendees by asking for real-time feedback that’s fast and efficient with things like polls, surveys, or vote-casting on different questions.

Following up for further advice is a key to every meeting that allows online coaching. Here at Rate My Meeting we help you take care of all these issues. Collect honest and open answers from all the participants right after the meeting and generate insights to see how well you did and where you can improve during the upcoming meetings.

More leadership skills for online meetings

More leadership skills for online meetings don't stop here. Stay tuned for my next posts where I shall be sharing other important aspects for successful meetings and about how Rate My Meeting helps in giving you accurate feedbacks! So stay tuned.

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