Readers, welcome back! As I talked about how I will be introducing you to the Coaching Skills for online meetings we follow at Rate My Meeting, in the first post, I talked about how one should gain mutual Trust and Respect, in the second post I talked about 4-points checklist for Personal Development in meetings, in the third, I talked about 4-points checklist for Why to Focus on Asking Questions instead of Giving Advice, in the fourth, I talked about how to Start Giving Actionable Advice with these 5 easy steps! and in the fifth installment, I talked about How to give team members coaching theories that make a difference. I am back today with the final installment of the total 6 Coaching Skills. So let's get to it!

Six Coaching Skills for successful online meetings

It starts with mutual trust and respect, because you will only receive what you give. Then follows focus on personal development, insights driven human growth. After that comes focus on asking questions to trigger thinking processes. Succeeded by actionable advice, which means a clear breakdown of next steps towards actionable results. Then comes coaching by teaching theories to give next steps, model based structure basically. To conclude, we focus on clarification of next steps, so that there is ownership for the agreed actions.

We continue today's post with: Why is it important to provide the 'Next Steps' at the end!

Why is it important to provide the 'Next Steps' at the end!

Not always will you find people clarifying the final steps even after discussing the whole procedures discussed in the meetings. But then again, they are not very reliable. Clarifying the 'next steps' is crucial for a good quality coaching lesson: it allows you to get rid of any misconception that any participant might yet have. In addition to this, you are entitled to the 'trustworthiness' by the participants as they will realize that you have time for them and that you are not doing it just for the sake of it. Bonus point is that it asserts the necessity to carry out the process efficiently and urgently.

6 Online Coaching Skills #6: Why is it important to provide the 'Next Steps' at the end!
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According to Harvard Business Review, participants in business meetings can benefit from the same exercise. A quick post-meeting wrap-up with attendees before they leave the room goes a long way to ensuring the gathering achieved what it set out to, and that future get-togethers will also prove successful. Here are the steps you need to follow to give high quality next steps.

4 key ideas for high quality 'Next Steps'

1) Recap what was decided in the meeting

Who is accountable for following through, when implementation will occur, and how it will be communicated.

2) Every attendee leaves meeting with the same understanding

Make sure there is alignment of what was agreed, so there’s little chance of anyone reopening the issues later.

3) Get rid of any misconception that any participant might have

Collect honest and open answers from all the participants right after the meeting and generate insights to see how well you did and where you can improve during the upcoming meetings.

4) Gather Session Feedback

Especially if your group will meet regularly, ask attendees for feedback on the session while it’s fresh in their minds.

Follow up for further advice if needed. Here at Rate My Meeting we help you take care of all these issues.

Create ownership for the agreed actions

Above all, next steps are all about assigned conclusions. By making sure that ownership is clear to all your participants, you increase the feeling in the team the meeting was fruitful. And, chances increase the agreements will actually be picked up and put into action. A great opportunity to coach your team to be more effective and successful!

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