Ever wondered how you can teach easily through online meetings in such tough times? Let me introduce you today to the 6 Coaching Skills to guide participants in Online Meetings. Sounds boring? Not if you think of the details needed for it. Let’s have a look at the six Coaching Skills we use at Rate My Meeting, and then discuss each skill in detail, one at a time. So lets begin:

Six Coaching Skills for successful online meetings

It starts with mutual trust and respect, because you will only receive what you give. Then follows focus on personal development, insights driven human growth. After that comes focus on asking questions to trigger thinking processes. Succeeded by actionable advice, which means a clear breakdown of next steps towards actionable results. Then comes coaching by teaching theories to give next steps, model based structure basically. To conclude, we focus on clarification of next steps, so that there is ownership for the agreed actions.

We first dive into mutual trust and respect.

New times, new challenges

There are now millions of people forced to work from home indefinitely due to the global Pandemic, but just because more employees and teams are working virtually, it doesn’t mean we’ve solved those age-old trust issues. In fact, with the rise of virtual teams, we’ve seen new challenges, from miscommunications and conflict to questions about accountability to a feeling of disconnect and detachment from each other and the team’s common purpose.

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You receive what you give

Successful coaching comes from two familiar words: Trustand Respect. The whole idea boils down from the age old saying: 'you receive what you give'. It may sound ancient but when we really think about it, its's the whole crux of life and before teaching or coaching anything, one must connect deeper on the personal and a professional level. Because when you know people, you know you can trust them and vice-versa, that will surely come back to you.

Here at Rate My Meeting we help you take care of all these issues by allowing you to receive an accurate feedback that further help to ease out the tiring journey of online meetings and even schedule further ones.

More Coaching Skills for Online Meetings

More coaching skills for online meetings don't stop here. Stay tuned for my next posts where I shall be sharing other important aspects for successful meetings and about how Rate My Meeting helps in giving you accurate feedbacks! So stay tuned.

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