6 Golden tips to make remote employees feel more connected

When employees feel they are part of a team, they trust the organization and their co-workers more, which leads to more communication and collaboration. They are willing to go that extra mile when they feel they belong there. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Making workers feel involved and part of the team is critical to every team's success.

Employees who don’t feel like they’re part of a team are likely to be more reserved, conservative and less inclined to share their ideas. They won’t try to think outside the box and wouldn’t dare go outside their limits to help others. When employees feel they are part of a team, they trust the organization and their co-workers more, which leads to more communication and collaboration. They are willing to go that extra mile when they feel they belong there.  Teamwork makes the dream work.

This post is #4 in a series I am writing on “Tips for successful remote meetings”, brought to you by Rate My Meeting. We use a "Remote" theme to measure your skills for successful meetings via online tools like Zoom, Skype and teleconferencing as it is not only about connecting and interacting in remote meetings but also about using the technology and making people feel part of a team.  Earlier we discussed how COVID-19 can act as an icebreaker,  how to have a smooth online meeting and how to be a productive participant. Let’s have a look at the 4th element Rate My Meeting uses to improve remote meetings: I felt part of the team.

Rate My Meeting collects anonymous feedback to improve your meeting skills

Rate My Meeting helps businesses and individuals by collecting honest and open feedback from all the participants right after the meeting and generates insights to see how well you did and where you can improve. Direct, anonymous and precise input from all the participants is the best way forward towards mutually beneficial online meetings. Remote Meetings contribute to team bonding when all participants feel valued and involved. Teamwork makes the dream work. We help managers in creating a sense of belonging for the employees and make sure that everyone feels involved. We also encourage and support introvert participants to contribute in the remote meetings.

Here are 6 golden tips for managers to make remote employees feel part of a close-knit team:

1. Keep time for casual conversation: A few minutes of friendly interaction before diving into a meeting can really build the necessary rapport for a successful meeting and keep the team engaged when the conversation jumps to business talk. A fun game before the meeting can works wonders for participants engagement.

2. Encourage each person to contribute during meetings: A leader has the power of empowering his coworkers. It is vital to make every person feel like they have the ability to contribute to the project.

3. Give employees authority to make important decisions: To show an employee that you truly trust and respect his opinions let him make decisions that will impact your company’s culture and future.

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4. Give everyone a task: Give people different tasks in the meeting to keep people engaged. For example, one team member can write down the important ideas that come up during a brainstorming session, another can take notes on key discussion points.

5. Give everyone an opportunity to speak : Make sure that all participants are participating, including the team members who might not be the most vocal or outspoken. You can conduct a round-robin-style discussion where everyone gets few minutes to speak to encourage them to speak.

6. Highlight and celebrate team results and achievements: Recognizing the hard work of the employees by highlighting their accomplishments is a great way to make them feel proud and important part of the team.

People want to feel connected and be a part of the team at work. So if you make the effort, they’ll meet you halfway. Rate My Meeting helps you to go cover that distance.

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